'World's Best Shiraz' now available to order online!

The 2018 O-Series Shiraz was awarded 'Best in Show' at the Decanter World Wine Awards in London, 2020.

This is the largest and most prestigious wine show in the world, boasting a huge judging panel that features a veritablewho's whoof Masters of Wine and Master Sommelier's. Being awarded this title ranked Anderson Hill amongst the top 50 producers in the world for this year.

So when we call it 'The World's Best Shiraz' this isn't an empty boast!

For the first 12 months we kept this wine available online only to our dedicated Wine Club subscribers (there's perks to being in our club!). This was to make sure we had the time for all our members to savour and enjoy this wine.

Now, with the benefit of some time in the bottle, the Shiraz is drinking better than ever and it's time to make it available for everyone!

You can order the 'World's Best Shiraz' directlyHERE.

Naturally our members still can access it for a discounted price...