Welcome 2020

We are pleased to let you know that we are open again for bookings from Saturday 4 January 2020.

Thanks to the bravery of Ben and James, who fought to protect our home and livelihood, the damage from the fire is much less than it could have been. We still have (mostly) green vines, a welcoming cellar door and an amazing view - even if it is a little charred :)

It is now safe to return to the Hills and the roads are open.

We soon expect to see the regeneration of our natural habitat begin and some new green growth.

Our sympathy goes to our local Hills community who have lost so much. We will work together to rebuild this beautiful region.

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who has shown their support for us from helping fight the fires, repair the vineyard and purchasing our wine and gift vouchers through to all the lovely messages we have received.

We'd love you to continue supporting Anderson Hill and all other businesses affected by the fire - we hope to see you soon!

From all of us at Anderson Hill, we wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.

Below is a snapshot of the last couple of weeks.