Everything Sparkling!

Did you know?

The longest recorded flight of a Champagne cork is over 177 feet (54 meters).

There are 1 million bubbles in the average glass of champagne.

Bubble size in champagne and sparkling can vary from between 0.4mm and 4mm.

Bubbles of 1.7mm across result in the highest number of droplets evaporating at the surface of the drink, enhancing the drinker's’ experience of flavour.

39°F (4°C) is the optimum temperature to cool champagne to ensure its delicate flavours are not overpowered.

Adolphe Jaquesson invented the muselet in 1844 to prevent the corks from accidentally blowing out.

Our Sparkling is made using the Charmat Method, aka Metodo Italiano and tank method. The wine undergoes the secondary fermentation in large pressurized stainless-steel tanks and is then bottled under pressure in a continuous process.

This process was first studied by the Italian enologist Federico Martinotti and patented in 1907 by French winemaker Eugene Charmat, which is where the name comes from. This method is now used widely around the world to produce light, delicate, early-drinking style sparkling wines.

The Adelaide Hills is a great region for sparkling wines thanks to the cool climate. The low temperature helps keep the acid in the grapes while the fruity flavours develop which is the key for making tasty bubbles.

Our 2019 Sparkling Chardonnay is made from 100% Adelaide Hills Chardonnay grapes and delivers a dry and fruity style with clear light colour and fine bubbles. Good amounts of yellow peach on the nose, bright acidity on the palate combined with energetic pear and lemon flavours.

Perfect for casual gatherings and special celebrations.

Available online or at the cellar door.

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